Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An online course on limits

Mathematics play an important role in human activities. They are used from simple everyday activities such as personal budgeting, checkbook balancing, groceries shopping to more complicated disciplines such as Economy, Science, Computers, Engineering, etc. The buildings we live in, the roads we use, the computers, cellphones, tablets, televisions, etc are designed by people who know math. Calculus is an important branch of mathematics used in various disciplines taught at the college level. The notions of limits are fundamental in understanding some very important notions in Calculus such as Continuity, Derivation and Integrals. I have designed the "Notion of limits" course for high school students taking AP Calculus or who will take it. It is also designed for students at the college level who needs a remediation course.

Students taking this course will have several benefits:
1. They can ask questions that will be answered by the Instructor
2, They have the possibility to interact with other students in online discussions
3. Online discussions are monitored by the Instructor
4. One on one tutoring is available for students who need it.

The instruction process for this course is designed in the following manner:
1. Students will watch an introductory video
2. They will have to do some guided assignments
3. They will have to solve problems based on these assignments.

Courses in Basic Algebra, Algebra I, II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and math for adults are also available. Other online courses in French, Spanish, ESL are available on demand. Online and face-to-face tutoring are also available in these subjects.For more information visit New Direction Education Services at If you are reading this blog post and know someone who might be interested in this course, other courses and services please share this post with them. Here is the course link: Notion of limits