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Free Introductory Calculus Course

Course Description

The notions of limits constitute the first chapter of a Calculus course. This course consists in a simple study of the notion of limits. It is divided in four lessons. These lessons are:
  1. Introduction to the notions of limit: an attempt to define limit
  2. One-sided limits
  3. Properties of limits
  4. Limits at infinity
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Complete Calculus Course

This course is designed for the learner to learn the materials by watching videos and doing the lesson assignments. There are different ways of taking this course (see below on price of the course). I am giving you a process to learn a subject that many people find difficult. Once you master it you shouldn't have any problems. My goal is for the learner to master the content of the course. In either way you decide to take this course I can help several learners to set up discussions in New Directions Education Services Google+ page in order to learn as a group. The course is designed to learn the materials by doing four types of activities:
1) Watching the videos
2) Reading the lessons and learning the content
3) Doing the examples of problems solved in each lesson
4) Doing the exercises non solved