Thursday, April 9, 2015

Some techniques to learn something new

It is essential to know the basic techniques of how to study in order to study better but there is also a lot of techniques that facilitate learning. These techniques are particularly helpful when someone learns something he is passionate about it either a subject, a field of knowledge for a profession or  a hobby. Talent is the starting point to love learning at some thing. It can be natural or can come as a result of some circumstances. Natural talent means the ability to learn or do something comes without a lot of effort or external motivation. But sometimes one can develop some abilities for doing something from external influences. Natural or acquired talent, motivation, attitude and the application of some techniques are the elements that make  people to become proficient learners. Below are the techniques:

1. Love it. Love is the fuel of motivation. If you love something you'll learn it better.
2. Read it. Reading about something helps you learn a lot about this thing. Learning the history of something can help you to know the evolution of the subject and master the key developments. Study the techniques of people who are famous at something can help to become good at it. Fischer, a famous american chess player, studied the history of chess and the techniques of famous Russian players and became the world champion.
3. Practice it. Do something many times makes you good at it. It becomes a routine. Writing a lot makes you a writer. Practice also helps you to see your mistakes and improves.
4. Get help from teachers, tutors and experts. Getting help from others who master the subject can help you to learn better. You can learn beyond the guidance of a particular teacher by forming a personal learning network made of people you can contact for questions or help in learning.
5. Study the history. Study the present. To become a master at something incorporate the study of the history and the present in the learning of that thing. An expert programmer would study all previous programs all the way to the modern ones. An entrepreneur would study the history of famous entrepreneurs.
6. Do easy projects first. Start by doing some basic projects and learn from it. Programmers start by doing the "Hello, World" program before becoming expert on more sophisticated programs.
7. Study what you did. If you fail at something you udertake look at it and see what was wrong. Find out what happened and what would have helped better. Ask good questions like: What did I do wrong and how can I improve?   
8. Be part of a group. Find the best group and spend the time to learn with them.
9. Find the right plan. Find a plan that is appropriate for you and come up with something new
Source: The Only Technique To Learn Something new.
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