Friday, May 15, 2015

Top 10 Strategies to Improve Your Math Grades

1 If you don't understand something, focus on mastering that topic before moving on to the next topic
Math topics are set in sequence. It is essential to master one topic before moving to the next one. Stick with the topic you don't understand until you understand it fully. Read the theories and examples a second time or use another book or other resources that can allow you to understand the topic better. Moving to the next topic without mastering the present one can lead to frustration and abandon.
2. Work example problems and check your answers to gain practice with every lesson
Start by reading the examples of problems done in class, a book or whatever materials you are using and masteri the procedures used to solve these problems. Then start solving the problems that have answers to them beginning with the easiest ones and moving to the hardest. Make sure to check the answers to the problems you are working on. Work a dozen or two problems before moving to the next section.
3. When beginning to work a Math problem, do not "map out a path from problem-to-answer" in your head before writing anything down
This srategy may lead to skipping the steps necessary to solve a problem and focusing on the answer. What is best to do is to start by writing down the problem. Then write each step leading to the solution of this problem.. Write down what you are going to do and do it in the next step. For example, if you are going to divide both sides of an equation by a number write that down and do it as another step which is the execution of what you just write down.
4. When you study and do homework, try to find a quiet place to do it
Try to find a quiet place at home or in the library to do school work. This will allow you to do your work more quickly because you are able to to focus and learn more.
5. If someone asks you for help, try to explain the topic to them as best as you can.
In studying in a group try to help someone who is behind. This has two benefits. First you help someone to succeed. Second, the fact that you are helping someone else helps you understand the subject matter better.
6. Never, ever work math problems in pen
When you use a pen you can erase some mistakes but your work will not be neat
7. Try to use a mechanical pencil with separate eraser, if you can
Mechanical pencils have cleaner lines. The separate eraser allows you to erase more cleanly 
8. Keep your solutions neat and line-by-line
Write vertically instead of horizontally. This allows you to present a more understandable work.
9. Don't work problems very late at night.
After doing different activities during the day it is not easy to concentrate at night because of tiredness. This may leads to make mistakes when working on problems. It's better to get a good night sleep and to wake up refreshed during the mornings. You'll find yourself in better shape to work on problems
10. If the problem lends itself to it, draw a picture of the problem
Some math subjects such as Geometry and Trigonometry involve drawing shapes in order to solve problems. Other subjects such as Algebra are more abstract. However any mathematical concept or problem can lead to a visual representation. The visual representation allows to understand the problem more clearly.
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